A win in the trial court is not necessarily the end of the story. Every one has the right to appeal once as of right. Not many trial attorneys also handle appeals. Richard Marcus is a skilled appellate practitioner, who has successfully argued and defended appeals, petitions, and writs before the appellate courts of the State of California. He has represented diverse clients including individuals, family law litigants, and both small businesses and large businesses. He even "ghost writes" appellate briefs for other attorneys.




  • Drafting Opening and Reply Briefs
  • Drafting Respondent’s Briefs
  • Oral Argument
  • Petitions for Writs of Mandate
  • Petitions for Common Law Writs
  • Appellate Motions
  • Petitions for Rehearing
  • Petitions for California Supreme Court Review
  • Federal Court of Appeals Practice